Scholz Trading GmbH

The Scholz Trading GmbH is a renowned, internationally active organisation located in the heart of the black forest in Southern Germany, Brigachtal-Klengen. In line with a very long-standing tradition of corporate governance, the company is managed by the fifth generation of the founding family.

For more than 140 years the company has accumulated experience and expertise in the reutilisation of secondary raw materials as well as the commodity trade that is built upon it. Formerly founded in 1872 by Paul Scholz as a sorting company, the organisation steadily developed further and perfected its craft with each generation.

Today the Scholz Trading GmbH in Southern Germany is one of the largest and most well-known ferrous and non-ferrous trading companies in the industry. Besides the long-time activities as a certified disposal management facility in the recycling sector, the primary focus is on marketing the secondary raw materials steel and non-ferrous metal. A Europe-wide partner network additionally supports the organisation’s commercial objectives.

One of our key performance features which is also highly valued by our customers is reflected by Dropshipping. In recent years Dropshipping enabled us to optimise the transportation logistics in our industry in such a manner that we managed to achieve savings in terms of time and finance, which in turn can be passed on to our customers.

Decades of aspiration across the generations to offer our customers always the highest possible quality has always been one of our basic principles which is outlined in the mission statement of the organisation. What makes us unique as a traditional company however, is rather the collaborative partnership with our customers that is expressed by long-standing confidence, loyalty and responsibility towards both people and nature. The basis of our activities is far more than a mere service delivery. We provide our partners advice and support, tailored solutions, innovative concepts and always fresh ideas.

That’s who we are - The Scholz Trading GmbH